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We work closely with countless global pharmaceutical organisations to support them in achieving their ambitious sustainability objectives.

To put it simply, our mission is to decarbonise the life science industry.

Over the past decade and a half, EECO2 has seen an ever-increasing demand for energy efficiency solutions and practical measures to reduce scope 1 & 2 emissions. This comes as many pharmaceutical organisations prepare for their most difficult challenge yet, total decarbonisation of operations.

Our Origin

In 2006, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer required a knowledgeable and experienced group to push forward global energy efficiency strategies and implementation plans. Cleanroom design & build companies weren’t interested in pursuing the opportunity, and so from that requirement, EECO2 was formed.

Since then, EECO2 has helped to deliver hundreds of GWh of energy savings. Through assessing, designing, and delivering energy efficiency projects at leading global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

Millions of pounds and several thousand tonnes of CO2 have been saved, whilst never sacrificing quality and compliance.

As the pharmaceutical industry looks to innovate with ground-breaking research to improve the health of billions across the globe, EECO2 is making significant investments in R&D and best practice to deliver market defining services such as the ICCS (dynamic cleanroom control), MEMU (mobile energy monitoring) and engineering consultancy to assess, design and deliver significant energy efficiency projects.

Our Services

  • Energy assessment
  • Design
  • Sustainability services
  • Low-energy cleanroom design & build
  • Net Zero strategy
  • Project delivery