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Glance In The Future: Explore Innovative Solutions At PHARMAP 2023

Presenting innovative solutions and contributing to the further development of ongoing pharmaceutical trends were the main directions of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress. PHARMAP 2023 gathered pharmaceutical companies, CMOs and CDMOs, and governmental bodies to exchange experience in digital transformation and discuss innovative solutions and business practices. The Congress was held on June, 12-13, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first day of the Congress started with the executive opening panel, where speakers from LabWare, Optel Group, 3V Tech, GSK, PharmaLedger Association, Bushu Pharmaceuticals, PHARMAZAC had a discussion about new models for pharma manufacturing and packaging. Fausto Artico, Global R&D Tech Head and Director of Innovation and Data Science at GSK shared his thoughts on how companies can innovate and introduce changes in manufacturing. Also, the speaker pointed out what companies need to do to make it work not only from the tech point of view but also in terms of the leadership style with the aim to create a strategic vision for the people.

The agenda of that day included the session dedicated to up-to-date topics of the pharmaceutical industry, including the sustainable future of the pharmaceutical packaging model, supply chain optimization, cost optimization, agile pharma manufacturing, and innovative packaging solutions.

One of the highlights of the second day of the Congress was the session dedicated to MES & robotics implementation driving towards Industry 4.0. Speakers shared their thoughts on MES implementation, paperless manufacturing, digital manufacturing and operational challenges, as well as the transformation of pharmaceuticals with robotic solutions and AI. Speaking about robotics implementation, it begins to challenge the traditional approaches, practices, and business models for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The application of advanced robotics has the potential to increase the agility, efficiency, flexibility, and quality of the industrial production of medicines.

Challenges of the fleet management of mobile robotics were showcased by Philip Schneider, Drug Product Manufacturing Network Technology Lead at    F. Hoffmann-La Roche during the session. Roche is working on the design of this modular facility and in this context also on the implementation of mobile robotics, which goes along with the need to have standardized interfaces that all mobile robot manufacturers can plug into.

The next edition of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress 2024 is going to take place on 22-23, April, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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