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Committed to Sustainability

We put patients first. The added value of our patient-centric devices is recognized worldwide. Our products make a difference in the lives of people with chronic, acute, serious, or benign diseases or conditions. We are keenly aware of our central role in the healthcare system, along with our impact on society and the environment. And it`s by walking the talk that we strive to be the ideal partner for the pharmaceutical, biotech and generic companies.

Setting an Example

At Nemera, we’re committed to acting in an ethical and socially responsible way. Whether it’s a customer or supplier, or any other stakeholder, we believe in setting an example through our behaviour. We believe in working with integrity, empathy and accountability because the products we make improve the lives of thousands of patients. Our Code of conduct and business policies provide each and every employee at Nemera a framework that gives them the freedom to act responsibly.

Nemera’s drug delivery device solutions are designed with three things in mind: patient, ease of use and treatment efficacy. By focusing on solutions that make patients’ lives easier and safer, we have built a strong portfolio of innovative products and technologies.

In addition, we have extended our offering as an integrated services partner. Nemera’s integrated contract development, consulting and manufacturing services allow customers to achieve the outcome of a successful regulatory submission and the commercial launch of safe, effective and differentiated combination products.

Nemera is a single partner applying an agile process across the device and combination product value chain. This provides customers the benefit of patient centricity and engagement, innovation that is consistently sustained across the journey, as well as the reduction of risk and increased speed of market access for both customer organic development and utilisation of IP platforms.

Quality is not an obligation, but a duty to us. It is an integral part of every aspect of our work because we strongly believe that quality creates value.

Nemera’s manufacturing facilities operate under environmental, health, and safety (EHS) conditions that comply with guidelines and rules set by the company’s executive management and within the legislative framework of the countries we operate in. In our day-to-day activities, we pay close attention to recycling, waste management and water management. We choose reusable materials wherever possible and leverage other opportunities to use resources more wisely.

Our operations are designed to guarantee the maximum safety of our employees. We follow the lean manufacturing approach to foster a culture of continuous improvement. This facilitates production and helps reduce defective products or scrap. In addition, we are optimising our consumption of energy, raw materials, and transportation.