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New Paper-based Security Seals Revolutionise Pharma Packaging

EU-wide Amendment of the Packaging Law & Plastic Reduction Since the 60s, the use of plastic has increased twentyfold. The EU is therefore focusing on a sustainable economy and is pulling the emergency brake on plastic packaging in particular. The Single-use Plastics Directive is the only measure to achieve this goal. The first step was the ban on plastic bags – products such as cotton swabs and drinking straws are also already adopting alternative packaging materials. In the future, there will be penalties for packaging that is not designed to be recyclable within the European Union. Further bans on plastics for certain applications are not ruled out. According to Securikett CEO, Werner Horn, “A switch to our new paper-based VOID seals and VOID tapes will therefore pay off for all businesses by eliminating the risk of non-compliance with material requirements of new regulations. The pulp material used by Securikett can be recycled together with folding cartons and complies with the new EU general circular economy package.” The trend toward the use of recyclable and renewable materials is not just a European issue: recycling-friendly packaging based on renewable resources is in demand worldwide!

‘One Package – One Material‘

If the packaging and label are made of the same material, the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of the recycling process are significantly enhanced. Thus, paper security seals optimise the recyclability of all cardboard or paper packaging. “By using the latest paper-based security seals, pharma companies can not only package their products in a tamper-proof way that complies with all international standards but also make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoid plastic,” says the CEO of Securikett, Werner Horn, who is committed to producing high-performance security products in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner. Securikett’s PaperVOIDs, therefore, combine all benefits from FMD-compliant closure seals with sustainability and environmental protection.

Sustainable Packaging and Product Digitalisation in One Step

Securikett was the first in the market to launch paper-based tamper-evident security labels with an integrated QR code. These labels provide distinct proof of opening, the so-called VOID effect, and give the manufacturer the ability to communicate further information about the product directly to the customer via a simple scan of the label. In this way, product digitalisation is simple and sustainable. The unique codes are created in-house at Securikett and supported by an advanced data management system and a high-secure web portal.

A Super label Made from Renewable Raw Material that Can Do it All

The new PaperVOID labels can be fully customised to the customer’s corporate design. When it comes to product properties such as sustainability, origin, authenticity, supply chain integrity, ethics, etc., digital Securikett technology enables this information to be linked directly to each individual sales unit of a product. In this way, the properties can be communicated to the customer in a trustworthy, transparent, and personal way and increase the integrity and perception of the product.

Innovation Comes from Austria

Securikett, an Austrian company specialising in digital and physical security systems for a broad spectrum of product sectors, is attracting attention with its invention of the new paper security seal. The company has been a key supplier to major industrial companies around the globe for years and is a global leader in the development and supply of transparent and opaque security closure seals.