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We believe consumers should be able to trust the products they receive.


SECURIKETT® OFFERS security consultation, product integrity and digitalization, tailored aesthetic design and improved customer communication.

Our proprietary technology enables strategic product and distribution safety. We create smart secure seals and labels, customized according to your CI to produce eye-catching designs.

We ensure that your customers can immediately see if their package was tampered with, and give them the certainty that their product is not a counterfeit. Unauthorized distribution and grey trade are also tackled through our solutions.

Our One-Stop-Shop concept makes genuine products recognizable, identifiable and allows you to track their progress along the supply chain. Our technology also enhances customer experience through post-purchase communication.

We meet all regulatory requirements and market needs. We anticipate market trends and have, for example, patented our own paper-based VOID label.

The individual SECURIKETT® tamper evident security labels are available for luxury goods, premium drinks, pharmaceutical and automotive industries, and many others.

Our VOID Technology

VOID is an English term that stands for something that is marked by use. In this case, VOID means that when the seal is opened, it displays unmistakable evidence of an opening that cannot be undone. Specifically, the words “VOID” or “OPEN” are often used in this context. Symbols such as an open lock, an X, or breakage patterns are also commonly used to indicate that the package has been opened. Securikett holds several patents in this area.

Paper-based packaging innovation – Contribution to a circular economy


The trend for sustainability and environmental protection brings the Securikett product portfolio to a new level. Innovative products, such as SecurePaperSeal, a paper-based closure seal for folding packaging, are created under consideration of the 3-R-strategy (reduce, reuse and recycle) to help customers with the development of eco-sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. With our IT’S PAPER product series, we created a perfect substitution for plastics. Thereby, packages should not only fulfill the requirements of a sustainable and recyclable economy, but also the requirements regarding security and traceability.

The use of resource-efficient materials and innovative adhesives is of great importance to us. To ensure a holistic view of the lifecycle of a package, we have a cooperative relationship with an advanced technical college in the area of packaging solutions.

Our paper series has already been crowned with several sustainability awards.

Digital product verification and traceability in the cloud

As a digital transformation service provider, we connect consumers, products and IoT services.

We are not only experts in printing variable codes, but also in generating secure unique codes.

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