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Securikett invents smart paper-based security labels for secure and sustainable packaging closure


Pioneer in paper-based security labels and seals

Securikett, an Austrian company specialized in digital and physical security systems for a broad spectrum of product sectors, attracted attention with its invention of the paper security seal.
The company produces these new paper VOID seals in various designs, sizes and colors and labels can be fully customized to customer’s corporate design.

Due to the integrated distinct proof of opening, the so-called VOID effect, tamper-evidence is provided. Combined with a QR-code, the labels give the manufacturer the ability to communicate further information about the product directly to the customer via a simple scan of the label. When it comes to product properties such as sustainability, origin, authenticity, supply chain integrity, ethics, etc., digital Securikett technology enables this information to be linked directly to each individual sales unit of product. In this way, the properties can be communicated to the customer in a trustworthy, transparent and personal way and increase the integrity and perception of the product.


PaperVOID label, applied on pharma packaging and peeled-off

‘One package – one material‘

By using similar materials for product packaging, the recycling process is highly simplified. If packaging and closing labels are made out of the same material, the quality of the recycled raw material and efficiency of the recycling process is significantly enhanced. Paper packaging that is closed with paper-based security seals can be better integrated into the recycling process than paper packaging with plastic labels.

“By using the latest paper-based security seals and tapes, industries can not only package their products in a more tamper-proof way, but also make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoid plastic. Paper is one of the most renewable raw materials and recycling of paper is well established. Pulp fibers can be recycled up to 8 times,” says the CEO of Securikett, Werner Horn, who is committed to producing high performance products in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner.


Securikett awarded EcoVadis Silver for sustainable corporate management for the first time

EcoVadis, one of the leading providers of sustainability rankings awarded Securikett the Silver medal with 63 points. Thus, Securikett is among the top 25 percent of all rated companies and the Gold medal is in reach.


Technical Innovations in Research & Development

Securikett’s research and development department has been working for a long time on the goal of being able to produce paper-based security seals with equivalent performance and security as the plastic-based security seals. Both, opaque and transparent security seals, with special security VOID effect, were developed.

Vanessa Mitterer, MSc

Vanessa Mitterer, Msc. Head of the Research Department, says: “Thanks to technical innovations, we have succeeded in producing a seal from the renewable and recyclable raw material paper that is superior to the plastic seal in many respects. PaperVOID deforms when peeled off and is particularly resistant to manipulation with water and liquids.”


Multifunctional Paper Allrounder

To impressively demonstrate the possibilities, Securikett’s R&D department has developed a multifunctional allrounder against various tampering methods.
In addition to the previously mentioned VOID effect, this label is equipped with heat, cold and water sensitive ink. A special deinking function indicates tampering attempts with water or solvent. A pulling break ensures recycling together with the package, while the integrated QR-code provides access to further digital services, eg. track and trace, customer communication, grey trade detection, etc.


Independent UID issuing interface Codikett

With Codikett, Securikett provides its own UID Issuing Platform, that generates secure UIDs and makes them available to various parties and ensures the secure traceability of codes. The Issuer therefore not only serves as an ordering platform for codes with or without security labels, but also gives authorized persons a transparent insight into which codes are in circulation.

It does not matter whether the system is used for tax stamps, vignettes, recycling systems or globally operating companies – its independence and decentralization provide additional security in the allocation of UIDs and serve as a birth certificate for each individual code.


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The family business Securikett is a global leader of Security Labels, and also offers innovative one- stop SMART PACKAGING integrating manipulation evidence, security and IoT services. The company was founded 2001 and engages 90 employees. Applications by Securikett are used on luxury goods, spirits, medicines, spare parts and shipping boxes. Based in Austria, Securikett currently distributes products to 45 countries around the world.

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