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Transforming Pharma Manufacturing and Packaging with New Models with PHARMAP 2024

The topic of new pharma strategies is one of the highlights of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress 2024 (PHARMAP). The Congress gathers the leading industry representatives to discuss ongoing trends, challenges, and new realities of the industry. PHARMAP 2024 is held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on April, 22-23.

At the Congress, delegates are going to explore the ways of industry development through new models: integration of sustainability and green initiatives into manufacturing and packaging operations, and implementation of innovations for increasing productivity of these operations.

Today, pharmaceutical companies are in constant search of innovations that could help to address the challenges of the industry and find advanced solutions. For instance,  MULTIVAC is utilising new packaging concepts and pack shapes, which reduce the packaging volume and curbed plastic waste. The company is going to present sustainable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical sector at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Congress 2024 (PHARMAP).

Pharma 4.0 technologies are also going to be discussed in frames of PHARMAP 2024. Pharma 4.0 can be used to improve the efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging processes by automating tasks and optimising processes. Automation and robotics can enhance the quality of pharmaceutical products by reducing the risk of human error. As Pharma 4.0 offers a number of benefits for pharmaceutical companies, it is important to know about the risks as well. Epaminondas Koronis, VP – Corporate Development at PHARMAZAC SA, is going to share the insights about the benefits and risks in Pharma 4.0 context.

During the Congress, another solution for manufacturing and packaging processes is going to be presented by Florent Bouguin, CTO at Optel Group.  His speech covers the ways to make pharmaceutical supply chains more resilient and more sustainable. For example, using sustainable packaging materials and minimising waste production can reduce the environmental impact of packaging and minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfills and incinerators. Florent Bouguin shares the company’s experience of how to reach the sustainable future of the pharmaceutical industry.

PHARMAP 2024 welcomes main representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, including top-level management, key technical manufacturing and packaging specialists, supply chain and procurement experts, and heads from manufacturing and packaging pharma technology companies. Among participants are representatives of Novartis, Takeda, Bayer, Zentiva, Pfizer, Merck and others.

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