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United by Green Initiative: Meet the Regional Partners of PHARMAP 2024

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2024) brings together esteemed regional partners with the mission to transform the industry with green innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. The Congress takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 22-23 April.

This year, BGS Group welcomes the regional partners of PHARMAP 2024 to support the Congress and share their commitment to a sustainable future and impactful medicines and solutions. Among the companies are MSD, Organon and Produlab Pharma, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine and Echo Pharmaceuticals.

On the first day of PHARMAP 2024, the executive opening panel about new models for pharma manufacturing and packaging gathers CEOs, CFOs, managing directors and board members for an exchange of ideas on the integration of green initiatives into manufacturing and packaging operations. Maria Romano, Supply Chain Management expert at MSD, joins the panel to share the keys for preparing a supply planning team for organisational transformations.

Among the speakers of the opening executive panel is also Dolf Kroep, Director of Supply Chain Management at Organon. The presentation covers Organon’s initiative to reconfigure its global supply network and to transform the way the healthcare company runs its supply chains.

On the second day of the Congress, Maurice Janssen, Senior Specialist in Real Estate, Facility Management & Sustainability at Organon, participates in the roundtable session that features an exchange of views on the facility design future. Maurice gives an overview of facility management worldwide and examples of sustainability, monitoring and saving energy.

The second day of the Congress is going to be finalised by the panel dedicated to pharmaceutical trends and market forecasts. Amin Qureishi, a Qualified Person /Responsible Person at Produlab Pharma, is going to share the sustainability initiatives of the company as a CMO. Produlab Pharma is an independent veterinary CMO and one-stop shop for registered liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals. The company also can support customers in all stages of development and registration all the way to production and delivery.

Furthermore, the Congress welcomes Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine as the regional partner, that is ready to network and share views on the pharma sustainable future. The company’s approach includes integrating sustainable design solutions into product innovation processes, taking into account the environmental impacts throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Echo Pharmaceuticals is also recently joined PHARMAP 2024 as the regional partner. Based in the Netherlands, the company develops medicines and products from the active ingredients in cannabis, cannabinoids. The company uses various techniques for the extraction of the substances from plant material and purification and formulation. Echo Pharmaceuticals also develops various technologies for the delivery of these medicines.

Together with regional partners, PHARMAP 2024 aims to revolutionise the pharmaceutical landscape through sustainable advancements and next-generation technologies.

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